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Shipping & Delivery

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FREE ground shipping is for continental US only through UPS ground service.  Customers wanting priority shipping will be charged for those services. or BDB Apparel Inc. are not responsible for transit shipping time or any delays. If you have a project that is time critical, please allow extra time for delivery.

Privacy & Security
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Returns & Replacements is dedicated to maintaining customer satisfaction to the maximum possible standards. Should there be an error on our part*, we will make the necessary adjustments and reship replacement items. We typically include extra shirts with each order. If the items in question are fewer than 6 pieces, we will issue in-house credit for those items on your account. If the items received are materially different from those ordered and approved (i.e. you ordered a blue ladies tank top and received a mans red tee shirt), we will reship replacement items at no additional cost to the customer.

*Errors on our part refer to any change we make that is not authorized or approved by the customer. It can also refer to any item with a hole, rip, or tear. Any mistakes or quality reproduction issues in spelling or art omission that are present on the approved, submitted client artwork or client-approved proof are not the responsibility of .

Refunds are offered as replacement items or in-house credit for future purchase.

We have a right to possession of defective merchandise, and it will be our decision as to whether to issue a replacement or credit. Since we provide free shipping on our orders, the customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with the return of merchandise. Return Authorizations are requested via email or by contacting before returning merchandise. This authorization must be requested in writing either USPS or email within 3 days of receiving your shipment.

In-house credit amounts to be issued shall be solely determined by the original invoice for those goods in question.

In all cases, the customer agrees to abide by our terms, conditions, and shipping policy.

Cancellation policy:

If production has started or items have been ordered from the mill on a custom order, no cancellation is allowed as it applies to a refund or credit.

Artwork Design Services
When you order from we include and provide artwork service up to 1 hour at no cost to the customer. On orders where the customer require extensive design or request more than one design in order to choose one that they my like. The customer will be responsible in paying for artwork in excess of 1 hour of free service, and will be billed at a rate of $60 per hour.
Process and Simulated Process Orders will take challenging print jobs and will come close to the graphic files submitted. Printing on textiles will not be the same as paper copy printed at 600-1200 dpi; nor will the inks used be the same as laser or ink jet inks. Textiles will absorb inks more than paper and will tend to be darker looking. Washing shirts will lighten the image a little. The types of shirts used will also have an affect on the finished results.

If a "perfect duplication" as printed on paper is expected, the customer is responsible and required to submit a hard copy before the scheduled print time. This is a requirement for printing to take place. reserves the right to refuse the print job if we feel that the expectations are unrealistic and/or that the customer may not understand the difference between printed paper and textile material. If no submitted hard copy is provided, can not be held responsible for the outcome of the print because we can only match the graphic file submitted to us; what we see will be different from what you see. Our computers are configured and calibrated for Rutland Process Inks.


Here at we make ordering simple; our customers are not just numbers or on-line login email customers. 

Once you decide to order from, we interface with you by email and phone - all the way from start to finish.  Our customers initiate their orders from the web-site along with payment, or they call us directly with that information. Artwork can be customer provided (see Artwork Info) or general information can be given to us for our graphics team to develop.

Nothing is printed until all information, i.e. invoices, artwork, is verified and approved.  All payments made to us are verified by a person.  Privacy and Credit Card Fraud is one of our biggest concerns; we do take extra steps and time to ask questions that only the credit card owner will know and possess. If any information does not match, credit cards are not processed.  This protects the card holder and; it also goes a long way in helping us to hold our low pricing. does not accept credit cards from issuing banks outside the United States.  We do not ship to non-US addresses unless certain criteria are met.  We do support our military and do ship to APO or FPO addresses which belong to military units.  Orders sent to APO or FPO are shipped via USPS and the customer is responsible for those shipping costs.

If receives a credit card for payment and the provided information does not match the issuing banks info, it is turned over to the issuing banks fraud division.

Large orders that exceed $5,000 +, may require payment in the form of a wire transfer or certified check. On occasion, this may be required of other types of orders as well. Money orders and cashiers' checks are also accepted.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Payment on all orders placed at, are due once invoices are approved. Once an order goes into production and product is pulled from the mill, the order can not be cancelled.

Orders can be paid for online at Click Here
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