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How to Design Tshirts Online

Design Your Shirts Online Made Easy

Start Creating Your Shirt Designs

To start designing, just click and login to sign into your account. If you do not have an account, it's free, just sign up.Login or My Account at the top of every page, and then enter your e-mail address and password. After you are log in, simply select a product and click "Start Designing" button and you are ready to start or click here Once you are login, it's also much easier for you to save your design projects.

Changing Colors of Multicolor Clip-art

When you insert multicolored clip-art the different colors in the clip-art can be changed. When changing any graphical elements the graphic element must be active. When the graphic element is active you will notice a border with white squares call nodes will be visible. You will also notice the color swatches appear in the color option box on the left. When you select a swatch color a selection box will appear, then you can change the color within the clip-art you placed on the shirt.

How to Save Money Designing Your Shirts

There are many factors that effect the cost of your t-shirt project, how many shirts, how many color, what is the shirt color are just a few.  To buy t-shirts cheap, you need to keep a few simple things in mind you can save a lot of money and make your project a big success. Here are some factor:

  • Color of Shirts:
    It's a known fact that manufacturer charge more if it's a colored shirt or not. Most brands that white shirt is the basic color and will cost less saving you money.
  • Quantity of Shirts:
    Jobs are discounted bases on quantity of shirts being printed. We base our cost on time needed for your job, we do not charge a fee for screens or setup, however it does take time to get things ready to print a job if it's 12 pieces or 10,000+ pieces. So shop time will effect the cost of your project.
  • Imprint Colors:
    A one color design will save you the most. For each color you print, a screen must be created which effect shop time. However you should not limit your project because multi color designs can make a great impact which can impact the success of your project. We do print simulated process so if you have a colored shirt with a lot of colors in your design we charge only for 7 colors because of the printing process. To see and understand this process visit the production of t-shirts and see how they are printed.
  • Imprint Locations:
    Single sided location will cost the least. Each additional location will add to the project cost, ie front, back, sleeve, tale print, etc.

Keeping all these facts in mind as you create a project can make a big difference on what it will cost. On our site we do have a quick quote button so you can get an idea on what it may cost. For involved projects or you are needing help putting a project together we can help and will look at ways you can keep you cost down without impacting your project. Get a quote!

Start Designing Any technical issues or needing support please email details to